Immigrate to Canada, Study to Canada, Visit Canada, Family and civil law, criminal law.


Immigrate to Canada, Sudy to Canada, Visit Canada, Family and civil law, criminal law.

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Raphaela Koyame

Raphaëla Koyame

B.sc, LL. L, JD, LL.M

Raphaëla koyame, is the founder of this firm. She is the lawyer and manager of this firm. Raphaëla manages each file with competence and is attentive to the concerns of her clients. If you want to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, as an entrepreneur or an investor, Raphaëla will put her skills at your service.

If you want to study in Canada or visit Canada, Raphaëla will help you in this direction.

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, and you want to sponsor a family member to Canada, Raphaëla will help you achieve a satisfactory result.

Raphaëla also works on asylum applications in Canada, humanitarian and compassionate applications, as well as applications for Canadian citizenship and deportation matter.

In addition, Raphaëla practices also Family Law, Civil Litigation and Criminal Law.

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The practice areas of this firm are : immigration and refugee law, family law, civil litigation and criminal law. With regard to immigration law, this firm deals as much with the cases of people who want to immigrate to Canada with or without their family as with those who want to study or visit Canada. This firm also works with employers who wish to sponsor skilled workers in Canada. Our services are offered in French and English.

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Immigration and refugee law

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Family law

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Civil Litigation and Criminal law

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Immigrate to Canada as a worker

If you have sufficient work experience in an eligible trade or area of the National Occupational Classification (CNP), you may apply to come to Canada under the Skilled Worker program, or under the Skilled Trades Category, or still in the Canadian experience category. If you are eligible and selected to apply for permanent residence, you would have the right to add in your application for permanent residence, your spouse, as well as your dependent children.

Immigrate to Canada as an entrepreneur

  1. If you have at least 24 months full-time work experience as a business owner or manager of a business (senior executive), you could immigrate to the province of Ontario, Canada, if you have the following income:
    • Income of $ 800,000, if you want to establish your business in Ontario, in the Greater Toronto Area.
    • Income of $ 400,000, if you want to establish your business in Ontario, but outside of the GTA.
  2. You could also immigrate to Canada through the federal business start-up program. Consult the following website on the admission criteria:

Study in Canada

To come to Canada as a student, you must first obtain a letter of acceptance from an educational institution in Canada, and secondly, you must obtain a study permit from citizenship and immigration Canada. Raphaëla is competent to help you in your efforts to obtain a letter of acceptance and study permit. Regarding Tuition Fees in Canada, consult the following websites:

Visit Canada

If you would like to visit Canada as a tourist or visit a friend or family members in Canada, Raphaëla can help you in the process of obtaining a Visitor Visa.


If you are in Canada without status or with visitor or student status, and you cannot return to your country of citizenship or residence because you would face persecution or inhuman or degrading treatment, and that law enforcement cannot protect you, you have the option of asking for Canada’s protection.

Permanent Residence for humanitarian reasons

If you reside in Canada without status or with student status or with temporary resident status, or with temporary worker status, you may apply for Permanent Residence on humanitarian grounds if you are able to demonstrate humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Humanitarian grounds may relate to the best interests of a child living in Canada. Humanitarian grounds also relate to the excessive burdens you may face if you return to your country of citizenship or residence. Other factors could also be an asset in connection with such a request, for example, your integration into Canadian society.

Temporary residence permit

If you are without status in Canada or if you are inadmissible, you may apply for a temporary residence permit. To get this kind of status, you have to demonstrate compelling reasons for staying in Canada temporarily.

Sponsorship of a family member

The purpose of sponsorship is to enable a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor family member (s) to Canada and enable them to acquire permanent residence. By law, a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen can sponsor notably the following people: your spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner; your dependent child; your father, mother, grandfather or grandmother; your brother, sister, nephew, niece, grandson or granddaughter, orphan of father and mother, under the age of 18, unmarried or common-law partner; a child to adopt.

Deportation (Fighting Removals)

The pre-deportation procedures, or even applying for an entry permit to Canada, can be stressful and agonizing, and that’s why it would be nice to have a legal professional by your side. Raphaëla is competent to defend your case before Immigration Canada or before the competent authorities. She is competent to deal with the following subjects: authorization to return to Canada; criminal rehabilitation; detention review hearing; pre-removal risk assessment; deferral of removal request; suspension of the stay of removal motion.

Application for Canadian citizenship

Obtaining Canadian citizenship is undoubtedly an important step in your Canadian dream. Raphaëla is competent to help you through the process of obtaining citizenship. She also handles citizenship appeals.


The appeal procedure allows you to challenge the decision of a first instance authority to a higher instance. To challenge a decision in a higher court, you must not only highlight the reasons why you think the decision is not correct or unreasonable, by supporting your positions and arguments by rules of law. Raphaëla is used to working on appeal cases. Thus, she will put her skills and experiences at your service to maximize your chances of success on appeal.

Family law

Representation in Ontario Family Court; Negotiation; Contested and uncontested divorce; Division of property; Custody and right of access; Child support; Spousal support; Filiation; Child protection litigation; Adoption.

Civil litigation

  • Representation before Superior Court, Small Claims Court
  • Negotiation
  • Appeal

Criminal law

Raphaëla notably deals with issues related to immigration offences, as well as issues relating to domestic and family violence. Raphaëla does both criminal defence and penal litigation. She makes representations before the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court, as well as the Court of Appeal.

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The initial consultation lasts one hour (1 hour) and costs $200. During the initial consultation, Raphaëla will discuss your legal issues with you and provide you with legal advice and information. She will also give you information on legal fees, as well as payment terms. The accepted payment methods are : cash, certified check, interac e-transfers, Bank transfers, Western Union.

Featured Testimonials

I received a positive response to my asylum claim in Canada thanks to the excellent work of my lawyer, Raphaëla. She worked closely with me to write my narrative, build my case, and prepare my testimony before the Refugee Protection Division (RPD). She always responded promptly to all my phone calls and texts. I would recommend Raphaëla’s services 100%.


My wife and I submitted our Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) application to Raphaëla. A negative PRRA response could have resulted in our deportation from Canada, but Raphaëla quickly reassured us and took over our case. She wrote a strong brief on our behalf and presented a good case, which led the examiner to conclude that we would be in danger if we were deported to our country of citizenship. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of this lawyer.

Michael and Jane

After completing my studies in Canada, I applied for a work permit to gain work experience in Canada. My application for a work permit was rejected even though I had a job offer. I was therefore referred to Raphaëla. She advised me to appeal the decision to the Federal Court. I gave her the appeal file and she argued on my behalf before the Court, which led the government lawyer to reach a settlement in my favour. I consider her to be a competent lawyer.


I entrusted Raphaëla to work on the sponsorship file of my wife who lives outside of Canada. I wanted my wife to join me in Canada as soon as possible and I wanted a competent lawyer to represent me before Immigration Canada for this sponsorship application. I was not disappointed to have Raphaëla by my side. She was very attentive to all my concerns and put together my file very well. I really appreciated the regular updates she gave me, as well as the follow-ups with Immigration Canada.


I am a businessman and I wanted to develop my venture in Canada. I was looking for a Canadian lawyer who could help me immigrate to Canada as an entrepreneur with my wife and children. A Canadian friend recommended Raphaëla to me. She gave me clear information on the Canadian immigration procedure and the admission criteria. I decided to entrust her with my immigration file, and I am satisfied with the result, as I am now in Canada with my family.




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